Credit Application

Apply for Car Financing at Don Jackson FIAT in Morrow

Now that you've chosen a vehicle, we can start the next step: affording it. Don Jackson Fiat can help to provide you with the loan you might need. Dealerships have access to many lending partners that are ready to give you an affordable monthly rate. Our online application is the first step in that process.

Many people wonder "why take a loan when I can lease instead?" It is a reasonable question, but car loans and leases are very different. A loan is a monetary sum that gets paid back over a specified monthly period, whereas a lease requires you to pay monthly for the use of a car. Once the time period is over on a lease, the vehicle is not owned by you, but is returned to the dealership. Once the period of a loan is over, you get to keep the vehicle as you have now paid it off.

Before applying for a loan, you can fill out a prequalification application. Getting prequalified is a good option for those who want to know exactly what they can afford. This can avoid any of the stress that can come up from falling behind on loan payments. Knowing your payments before choosing a vehicle also saves time because it will allow the salesperson to tailor what he or she will show you according to your budget. This avoids the situation where you find a car that you want, only to find out that the monthly payments are out of your range.

Whether you are looking for a loan, or for prequalification, Don Jackson Fiat will work with you to help make the car you want as affordable as possible. After you choose your new vehicle, we can set you up with whatever financing option you choose. Our dealership in Morrow happily serves the Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and Decatur GA regions.